CaraBoat Features

Besides offering you a Houseboat and Caravan in one, the features we have incorporated are second to none.

panoramic viewing from the caraboat

Panoramic Viewing

The CaraBoat features large windows, offering great ventilation and an amazing view. You still have complete privacy when required with the Roman Blind style window treatments.

Shallow Draft

Let out your inner explorer, the CaraBoat’s shallow draft enables you to access many rivers and great camping spots. This also allows access to ankle deep water when going ashore, so there’s no need to get the dinghy out.


Reduced Height on Trailer

The CaraBoat’s wheel arches are set into the hull reducing the overall height which allows for easier access, reduced fuel consumption, and an overall aesthetically pleasing look.


Full Fibreglass Composite Construction. No Aluminium or Steel to Corrode or rust.

Leaders in styling

Sleek, aerodynamic shape with the latest modern styling.

full height pantry in the caraboat

Full Height Pantry

Great for travel over longer periods, the CaraBoat’s full height pantry enables you to stock up for that long trip without the need to stop for more supplies. All food is in the one place, and there’s no poking around small lockers

Quality Varnished Timber

Stylish modern fit out with choice of varnished timbers & veneers.

versatile entertaining layout in the caraboat

Versatile Entertaining Layout

The forward lounge converts to a bed by night, it simply slides out and opens to make an island double bed or the bed can be left set up, if preferred.  Aft, there is another lounge that has opposing seating so you don’t get that locked in feeling, this also converts to a double bed if required. Single beds or 1 double and 2 singles are available as an option.

Stylish Modern Fit Out

Together with a abundance of counter top space & storage.

Fold Away Helm

The throttle box folds away when not required, offering more room.


The Caraboat has large opening windows, ensuring plenty of flow through ventilation.

Twin Engines

Twin Engines for reliability & responsive maneuvering.

Large Opening Window

The handy Drop Down Galley window is great for passing groceries through when loading.

Questions and Answers

Is there space to store a kayak?

Yes there is space on the roof for this purpose, there is a solar panel on the roof so you need to keep the kayak off to one side.

When in caravan mode, we like to travel & often in environmentally sensitive areas, does the CaraBoat have tankage to store its own waste?

I think you are referring to the LNT Rule (Leave Non Trace) yes, the toilet (black water) has a 20L tank & all the drains,I.e., sink, shower &  basin all run into a sump box which automatically discharges through a skin fitting at the stern, you can order the optional holding tank for the grey water, to be fully self contained & meet the LNT compliance.
LNT accreditation is available to all owners of qualifying self-contained RVs who  are a member of an RV club, including companies that hire self-contained RVs in Australia.
To qualify, vehicles should carry a minimum of 20 litres of fresh water, have a grey water holding tank with a minimum capacity of five litres per person or 15 litres per person if the vehicle is fitted with a shower, and have a portable toilet cassette or black water holding tank with a minimum capacity of the smallest portable toilet cassette.

Can you travel in boat mode with the large rear side windows open?

Yes, you can, weather permitting, also you can leave the rear doors open, this gives a cockpit type outdoor feel to the CaraBoat so you have the best of both worlds.

I can't see any mooring cleats, how do you tie it along side a jetty?

The mooring cleats are a folding type so when in caravan mode you wont get hooked on them when walking past, in boat mode they simply click open.

Do you offer air conditioning?

Yes but being a boat, only the roof mounted air conditioning can be fitted as an option.

Can the floor plan be altered for the beds?

Yes, the galley & head (bathroom) are set so the area forward & to the rear can have the beds to suit the owners preference, IE, 2 singles forward & also 2 singles aft, if you really wanted, we could even look at 4  singles aft (upper & lower).

Can I put a deck chair on the roof?

No, the roof is a lightweight composite structure, its is not designed to have people on it.

You have a 118L fridge/freezer, is there space for additional refrigeration or freezer?

Yes, as an option, we can fit a top opening, 70L  fridge or freezer this is featured in our demonstrator model.

Can I use the CaraBoat in the ocean or rough conditions?

The CaraBoat is designed for Inland sheltered waters and is not recommended for Ocean use. A 1m chop is acceptable, but you will need to run at displacement speed to suit the conditions. This provides a smoother ride.

Can I have an electric trailer winch?

An electric trailer winch is generally not needed as the CaraBoat is floated onto the trailer.

Can the color of my Caraboat match my car?

Yes! We can offer a vinyl wrap as an option.

How many people can the Caraboat hold?

The Caraboat is licensed to carry 7 people or 9 in the 8700 model (in NSW Australia)

Can i have bigger motors?

Yes. The Caraboat offers bigger motors, enabling speeds up to 20 knots