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Thank you for your interest in ordering a CaraBoat – The premier vessel for land and water getaways.  The following will detail your journey from discovery to delivery. 


Our dedicated professionals will be available to you throughout the entire order and build process, and our goal is to provide you with a first-class experience filled with endless sunsets and lifetime memories.


At the present time, CaraBoat builds trailerable houseboats on a limited production basis. Every new vessel is built to order according to your specifications, and you can rest assured that you will be kept up to date throughout the entire process.


We generally have a few boats in production at any given time, which means that we will likely be working with several customers at a once while fine-tuning each vessel throughout the entire process.


We understand that you are eagerly awaiting completion of your new CaraBoat, so please know that we’re always working to streamline workflows and reduce vessel delivery times as much as possible.



Once you confirm that you wish to purchase a CaraBoat, we will walk you through the ordering process. Here, you will be able to specify any customizations you would like to be included. To make your choices easier, we have a complete list of the available options and prices.


At this point, your CaraBoat order will be put into a firm production time slot and the timeline will be established. We will also review and confirm custom options to ensure you are getting the Caraboat of your dreams.  A purchase contract detailing all order specifics will be drafted and signed, and 40%

non-refundable payment is due before the build can commence.


Your hull, deck, roof, and other major components are constructed and sourced from CaraBoat Australia and will be arriving for customization soon. The initial fabrication takes about 45 days, followed by another 30 to 60 days for delivery to Sturgis.


We will keep you up to date with photos and as much information as we can provide about your new vessel, and the final assembly will begin when it arrives in the United States.

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Once the major components arrive at our Michigan assembly facility, the final assembly will begin. This can take anywhere from four to six weeks depending on the customizations required.


During this process, any personalization options that you’ve requested will be added to your CaraBoat. In addition to regular updates and photos, we can also arrange a site visit if you would like to see your boat come to life. 


Start packing your bags, because your camping and boating adventures on your brand new CaraBoat are just around the corner. 


Your CaraBoat is ready, and you’re on the way to infinite adventures across land and water! We can deliver, or you can pick up your vessel personally if that’s an easier option. Note that your final payment of 60% will be due upon delivery.

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