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  • Can You Travel in Boat Mode With Windows Open and Not Get Wet
    The CaraBoat was designed as a boat, and the high freeboard means it rarely gets wet when you’re underway. So yes, you can travel with the windows open to make the most of the breeze and not get wet. Of course, all windows should be closed in adverse weather conditions.
  • How Much Storage Space Is There?
    There is a large amount of storage space with built-in cupboards, roof lockers, a full-height pantry, rear-deck compartments, and bow spaces. Large items can also be stored on the roof.
  • How Do I Access CaraBoat On Land?
    We have kept this as easy as possible with only 3 steps from the ground to the rear deck.
  • How Do I Access CaraBoat On the Water?
    If you’re parked against a jetty or wharf, access is via the side at the rear. If pulled up on a beach or riverbank, simply walk on in no more than ankle-deep water.
  • How Do I Launch CaraBoat?
    Launch and retrieval are extremely easy with the cleverly designed trailer. Side rails guide the boat on and off, and the hull is designed to lock onto the trailer support skids, securing it and limiting movement during land transport. The CaraBoat can be launched with one person. However, using two people is recommended.
  • Can I Access and Use the Roof
    Yes, and on the 870 model we can even supply a stainless steel ladder to make this easy. You can then take a towel or a chair up and enjoy the views. Plus if required you can then use the roof for storage for say kayaks, fishing rods and other gear. Speak to our team about your exact requirements.
  • I Can’t See Any Mooring Cleats - How Do You Secure It Alongside the Jetty?
    The mooring cleats fold neatly so they don’t get caught on things when not in use. When you need to secure your boat to a jetty, simply click them open.
  • Do I Need Air Conditioning?
    Air conditioning isn’t usually required on water because of the large windows that facilitate ventilation and air circulations. However, yes, air conditioning can be fitted if required.
  • Can I Access Bow Storage When Underway?
    Yes, bow storage can be accessed from the inside at any time without issue.
  • Can the Floor Plan Be Altered for the Beds?
    Yes, sleeping arrangements can be customized to suit your needs. Options include two double beds (one forward and one aft), four singles (two forward and two aft), one double and two singles, or even four singles at the rear (two bunks). Speak to our team to find out more.
  • You Have a 4.15 cu ft Fridge/Freezer - But Is There Room for Additional Refrigeration or Freezer Capacity?
    Yes, an additional 2.4 cu ft top-opening fridge or freezer can be fitted to the rear of the boat. This is featured in our demonstration model so you can see exactly what it will look like.
  • Can I Use the CaraBoat in the Ocean or Rough Conditions?
    The CaraBoat isn’t recommended for open ocean use. It’s designed for calm, inland waters and will comfortably handle wind chop up to 0.3 meters. You should always operate the CaraBoat to suit the prevailing conditions to provide a safe & smooth ride.
  • Can I Have an Electric Trailer Winch?
    Yes, you can get an electric trailer winch installed if you want. However, this isn’t needed or recommended, as the CaraBoat is designed to simply float onto the trailer.
  • How Many People Can the CaraBoat Hold?
    In NSW, Australia, the CaraBoat 790 is licensed to carry up to seven people. The CaraBoat 870 is licenced for nine passengers. Note that local regulations may vary.
  • Can I Have Bigger Motors?
    Yes, we offer a selection of motor sizes allowing an maximum speed of 20 knots.
  • What Size Car Is Needed for Towing?
    A 3-tonne towing capacity is needed for the CaraBoat 750, while the 870 model requires a minimum 3.5-tonne rating.
  • Can the CaraBoat Be Locked Up?
    Yes, all windows can be secured and locked from the inside, while the external lockers and rear doors are key locked.
  • What Is Covered Under Warranty?
    A standard manufacturers warranty is available for all installations, appliances, and other fittings. We provide a comprehensive five-year structural warranty on the hull.
  • How Often Should I Get My CaraBoat and Trailer Serviced?
    We recommend servicing at least once per year. However, heavy use will require more frequent servicing to ensure your boat and trailer remain in optimal condition.
  • Does the CaraBoat and Trailer Need to Be Registered?
    Yes, both need to be registered as per your state or territory’s registration rules.
  • Can I Customize the Colours? Inside and Out?
    Absolutely. Speak to our team about the customization options available. We also offer vinyl wraps, spray painting, and more.
  • When in a RV Park, How Do I Connect to Power and Water?"
    The CaraBoat connects to power and water similarly to any other rv. The shore power inlet is located on the rear deck. Water is held in an onboard tank and supplied by a 12-volt pump. Tanks are filled via a deck-fill fitting built into the rear deck. You can also connect directly to mains pressure and bypass the water storage system.
  • What Maintenance Is Needed?
    The lightweight fibreglass hull requires very little maintenance and there’s no risk of corrosion. Simply wash exposed areas with fresh water from time to time, flush the engines after use and perform standard maintenance tasks as required.
  • Where Can I View or Buy a CaraBoat?
    If you want to view or purchase a CaraBoat, get in touch with our friendly team via our contact page to arrange an appointment or online inspection.
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